Ads Manager

How to Use The Ads Manager

The Ads Manager allows you to run ads at every stage of the Free Wi-Fi experience - Pre-Login, Interstitial, Post-Login. Watch the video below to learn how to set up Advertising in your Free Wi-Fi camp…

Updated 1 year ago

Creating Dynamic Ad Embeds

The Ads Manager allows you to run ads during your Guest Wi-Fi login experience, and you can automatically convert virtually any URL into a responsive rich media widget for post-login interstitial and…

Kevin Zicherman
Updated 1 year ago by Kevin Zicherman

Displaying Ads

Displaying Ads on Your Campaign Page. You can display ads while the end-user is logging into the network. Ads can be displayed during login, post login as well as on the thank you page. What you need…

Kevin Zicherman
Updated 8 months ago by Kevin Zicherman