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Displaying Ads on Your Campaign Page

You can display ads while the end-user is logging into the network. Ads can be displayed during login, post login as well as on the thank you page. 

What you need:
  • Automate plan or higher to access the Ads Manager
  • Ads and Ad Zones that are set up already in the Ads Manager

Displaying up Your Ads

  1. On your Campaign, go to the Ads tab. 
  2. Toggle the Enable Advertisements button. 
  3. You will see the different section where you can display ads: Login Page Ads, Post-Login Interstitial Ads, and Thank You Page ads. 
    1. Login Page Ads

      Login Page Ads have two zones, Top Zone Ad and Bottom Zone Ads. Top Zone ads appear right below the title of your campaign page. Bottom Zone ads appear below the footer text. 

    2. Post Login Interstitial Ads

      Interstitial ads appear in between login and the thank you page. Set how many seconds this ad will be displayed after the end users have successfully logged in. 
      It is recommended that interstitial ads should not be longer than 15 seconds.
    3. Thank You  Page Ads

      As the name implies, Thank You Page ads appear together with your thank you message or image. Select which zones you wish to display ads: Top, Middle, or Bottom zones. 

  4. Click the Save button after you set your ads to save the ads setup. 

👍👍 to you, if you have successfully set your ads to be displayed on your campaign page!

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