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How to Use The Ads Manager

The Ads Manager allows you to run ads at every stage of the Free Wi-Fi experience.  Pre-Login, Interstitial, Post-Login.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up Advertising in your Free Wi-Fi campaigns.

The Ad Server is only available to MyWiFi Legacy and MSP partners. Upgrade your account if you wish to use this feature.

Creating Ads and Ad Zones

  1. In your dashboard select Ads Manager and choose Ads from the sub-menu.

  2. Click Create New Ad.

  3. Name your Ad, choose the Ad type, image, code or Embed and then set the destination URL for the Ad.

  4. Once you have created your Ad and saved it select Ad Zones from the left menu.

  5. Under Ad Zones click Create New Zone.

  6. When creating a new Ad Zone, you will need to name it and choose a format (size).
  7. If you have several Ads, all Ads that conform to that format will appear in that zone. You can choose which ones you want to be included in the zone by checking the box next to each Ad and clicking Save.

    Connecting Your Ads and Ad Zone to your Campaigns

  8. Once an Ad Zone is created there are 2 methods to connect that zone to your campaign(s). 
    1. Method 1

      You will then see a list of campaigns where Advertising is enabled. You will click the edit button to connect Ads to your campaign.

      Click the edit button you will receive a pop up where you can assign Ad Zones to different parts of your campaign, the three tab options are as follows:
      1. Pre-Login - These Ads appear on your login page in either the header, footer or both 
      2. Interstitial - This Ad appears as a step in your campaign flow (Duration can be set up to 30 seconds)
      3. Post Login - Appears at the end of your campaign and provides Ad placement in the header, footer, mid-page or all three
    2. Method 2

      1. Open your campaign
      2. Go to the Ads tab
      3. Turn "Enable Advertising" on
      4. Select the tabs to place your Ad Zones as shown in the Ads Campaigns example
      5. Go to Displaying Ads on Campaigns for a step-by-step guide for this method. 
  9. Once you have added the Ad Zone(s) to your campaign you will see them appear where selected. This can be tested using your Preview Link.
  10. Choosing multiple Ads within an Ad Zone will rotate Ads in the chosen Zone position.
  11. Don Draper in the house!!!

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