Analytics & Reports

​What is Presence Analytics?

Presence Analytics allows you to gauge the foot traffic within the range of the hardware. Given the right marketing efforts, this foot traffic estimate can equate to additional sales for the business…

Kevin Zicherman
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Global Analytics Dashboard

Your Main Dashboard displays all network activity across all your Locations & Devices. It's the main dashboard you see when you login to the platform. Here's a sample overview of the Global Analytics…

Kevin Zicherman
Updated 2 years ago by Kevin Zicherman

Timeline Guest Stream

The timeline is a real-time stream of all Wi-Fi guests connecting to your network.   You can view the Timeline at the Network level (in your admin dashboard) or individually for each Location.

Kevin Zicherman
Updated 2 years ago by Kevin Zicherman

Location Analytics Overview

If you want to view the real-time data of your active social WiFi campaigns, head to Locations to check out the performance of your campaigns. This overview will walk you through each section of t…

Updated 2 years ago

Exporting Your Guest Data

After you have successfully setup a campaign, device, location and deployed it on a location and there are users logging through the network, it's time to check the data. Exporting your social WiFi u…

Updated 2 years ago

Contacts Overview

The Contacts page breaks down the data into a more detailed view of each user that has logged in any of your campaigns or a deployed network. Data such as login option used, gender, email, etc are so…

Updated 5 months ago

Custom Analytics Report

The Analytics section in your dashboard allows you to customize reports for your clients. You can create specific reports on a per client basis or location basis. Also, this custom report can be sche…

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Updated 11 months ago by Charles Rosel