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Location Analytics Overview

If you want to view the real-time data of your active social WiFi campaigns, head to your Locations to check out the performance of your campaigns. This overview will walk you through each section of this amazing tool.  

Location Analytics Overview


  1. To access Location Analytics, navigate to the left side menu in your dashboard and click Locations, then click on one of the icons under your location:

  2. Once on the Locations screen, you can access analytics for any of your Campaigns by using the drop-down arrow next to the Campaign name.

  3. The date range can be adjusted to show only the specific data you are looking for by using the drop-down arrow located next to the currently specified date range.

    The time range you have chosen will populate the Social Login graph with data from the length you have chosen. Scroll over the graph to see statistics.

  4. Guest Statistics

  5. Guests that are currently connected and online are also shown on the dashboard, along with total guests, the average time of usage and bandwidth consumed.

  6. The pie chart at the bottom of the page shows new vs. returning users. Scroll over the chart for statistics.

  7. Devices and Campaigns

  8. The bottom right of the page will show the device(s) connected to the Campaign and their status. If there is more than one device you can scroll through them using the dots below the device.

  9. The campaign can be accessed and edited without leaving the Location page by using the edit button in the upper right of the Campaign.

  10. Contacts and Guest Profiles

  11. Under the Contacts tab, you will find all of your user information. Users who used Facebook to log in will contain their name, gender, and email. For each profile you will see the following:
    1. How many times they have connected
    2. The device the guest used to connect
    3. The OS version
    4. The date when they connected
    5. Their cumulative Session Time
    6. Bandwidth consumed for uploads and downloads
  12. Profiles can be filtered for specific data and time frames.

  13. When you click on a user in the contact list you will receive more detailed information. The first tab is User Details and the second is Connection Details

    There is also the ability to block/blacklist a guest by clicking the Block User button in the Connection Details tab.
  14. Timeline

  15. The Timeline tab will show guests in descending order (most recent first). You will see the following information depending on login method:

    There is a Social User Profile, clicking this button will take you to the same profile information shown in steps 12 and 13. 
  16. Reports

  17. The Reports tab will give you Graphical and List options to view for the following: 
    • Social Logins - Unique Guest Logins
    • Visits - Total number of Logins
    • Aggregated Revenue - Based on $ amount assigned in the Location

    WiFi Settings

  18. WiFi Settings allows you to add and schedule campaigns, edit your location info and add sub-users. Also, it allows you  to control the Guest connection in the following ways:
    • Session Limit - How long a Guest can remain connected
    • Daily Bandwidth Cap - Maximum amount of data a guest can use per day
    • Max Upload Bandwidth - Maximum amount of data a Guest can upload per day
    • Max Download Bandwidth - Maximum amount of data a Guest can download per day
    • Content Filter - Block objectionable content
    • Whitelist - Add MAC address of a device to bypass Splash Page for connection
    • Blacklist - Add MAC address to reject connection of a device

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