What is Presence Analytics?

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Presence Analytics allows you to gauge the foot traffic within the range of the hardware. Given the right marketing efforts, this foot traffic estimate can equate to additional sales for the business offering social Wi-Fi services. 

Supported Hardware

Presence Analytics is available for the following MyWiFi supported hardware: 

Types of Data Collected

  1. Passerby: Any wireless capable device that's broadcasting and within signal range of the Presence Enabled Access Point.
  2. Visitor: Any wireless capable device that has a signal strength equal to or higher, than the average signal strength of connected devices.
  3. Connected: Any wireless device that has connected to the wireless network. Do note, that even if they connected, they might have not completed the Guest login process

Where can I find my Presence Analytics stats?

You can see your stats under Location Center >> Reports >> Presence Analytics tab

Filtering Capabilities

You can filter your Presence Annalytics data by:

  • Presence Activated Device
  • Device Access Points
  • Ability to access data older than the previous month
  • Full custom date control

Data Aggregations:

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Presence Activity Graphs:

  • Total Activity
  • Day of Week Activity
  • Activity Per Aggregation [Hour, Day, Week, Month]

Presence Activity Matrix Graphs:

  • Hourly Activity over Selected Date Range
  • Hourly Activity per Day of Week

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