Why am I Receiving and Error when Submitting My Custom URLs?

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The following steps will help you successfully resolve Custom URL errors.

Why am I receiving an error No CNAME Found when submitting my Custom Domains on the Branding page?

What did I miss?

  1. Make sure you have created  CNAMEs for both of your Custom domains in the DNS Zone for your Domain, prior to submitting your your URLs on the Branding page.

  2. I created my CNAMEs but still received the error, why?

    You need to verify that you have pointed the CNAMEs correctly.
    You can use any sub domain you choose as long as it does not already exist in your domain's DNS.  The use of wifi and social are just examples.
    In the example above the sub domains chosen are wifi for the Control Panel and social for the Custom Social Portal.

    Control Panel:

    Host/Source                                                     Destination/Value

    wifi.yourdomain.com        points to       yourpersonalizedURL.mywifi.io    

    Custom Social Portal:

    social.yourdomain.com   points to      yourpersonalizedURL.securewifilogin.com

    "yourpersonalizedURL" is the original sub domain you chose on the left side of your Branding page. 

    Additionally, the Destination Value is shown directly above the URL inputs on the Branding page.

  3. I have verified the above but still receive the error when trying to resubmit my domains. What should I do?
    At this point we recommend you contact support with a screenshot of your CNAME configurations. Support will verify that they are correct or guide you with regards to any changes that need to be made. When verified or corrected Support will manually resubmit your domains for you.

    If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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