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Adding a Redirect

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Redirect Users Upon Successful Login

Redirecting users to a specific page, app download, or even WhatsApp is useful for several scenarios which are detailed below. 

Initial Settings

  1. Go to the Redirect tab to set up a redirect after they have logged in successfully. 
  2. Toggle the Enable switch to activate the redirect. 
  3. Set a timed redirect. A five to ten seconds redirect is recommended if you wish end users to view brief info on the thank you page. Toggle the slider to the leftmost side if you wish users not to leave the page automatically after a few seconds. This is useful if you have a form that they need to fill up or watch a short video.

Redirect Options

  1. URL

    Redirect users to a certain webpage if you wish them to view specific information, fill out a form or even watch a short video on YouTube. 

  2. App Store

    App Store redirects
    are useful if you wish to redirect end users to your Google Play Store app or Apple app. Simply copy the URL of your app and paste it into the appropriate fields provided. 

    App Store redirect requires that you provide links both for Android and Apple devices. 
  3. WhatsApp

    WhatsApp integration
    allows your end-users to directly communicate with you. Just input your WhatsApp number on the field provided and the WhatsApp app will automatically open on the end-users' device, giving them the chance to communicate with your brand via WhatsApp.

Click the Save button after you create your redirect. 

Stand up and stretch a bit for you have done a great job in creating your redirect!

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