Facebook Messenger Post-Login Redirect

How to enable Facebook Messenger redirect:
  1. In your campaign, go to the Redirect tab.
  2. Toggle the Enable redirect after success switch to redirect users.
  3. Choose Messenger from the redirect options.
  4. Enter your Facebook Page Name e.g. the name of your page after the @ under your Facebook page profile picture (i.e. "yourpage" for facebook.com/yourpage)
  5. Enter your Referral ID (optional). Useful for Bots! If your page Messenger is configured to implement automated bots based on certain Referral ID triggers, input it in this field.

User Experience:
  1. Guests connect through the different login options provided.
  2. Guests who successfully connected are redirected to Facebook Messenger App on their phone or your Facebook page on desktop.
  3. Guests will see an automated message on their Facebook Messenger and if a referral ID is configured, they will receive an automated message.
  4. You can then chat directly with your users/customers.


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