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Branding Your Campaign

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Branding Your Campaign

The very first step in creating your new campaign is to brand it. On this tab, you will be able to choose the layout of your landing page/login page as well as set the SSID or the name of your social WiFi network. 

  1. On the Campaign section of your dashboard, click the Add a Campaign button
  2. Label your campaign through the Campaign Name field
  3. Choose the layout of your landing page/login page
  4. Upload your logo

Uploading a Header Image and Designing the Background

  1. Upload your header image. You may drag and drop your image or click the Upload Header area to choose your file.
  2. Modify your background, choose if you wish to use an image or a background color
  3. Pick a color for your text labels

  1. Go to Modify Footer to edit your footer contents. 
  2. Edit your Footer Text. You can put your own branding here. 
  3. If you want to inform end-users of your support email or a short support note, put it in the Support Text field.

Adding Titles and Naming Your SSID/Network

  1.  If you want to upload a footer image, drag and drop an image in the Footer Image section.
  2. In the Title field, put the title of your landing/login page.
  3. Finally, the SSID field will be the name of your Network that the end-users will see when they choose a WiFi network. 

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