Clients Manager Overview

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The Clients Manager section allows you to add a client wherein other users can manage the assigned locations, campaigns, and apps. You can also add users in this section of the platform.

  1. Add New Client button: Allows you to create a new client account where you can assign user locations/campaigns/apps and user accounts who will manage the client account.Check this page on how to create a client account.
  2. Client account: These are the existing client accounts where you can assign new campaigns/locations/apps or users
  3. Client Edit and Delete buttons: If you wish to add/remove a campaign/location/apps or users from a client account, click the Edit button. Conversely, you may click the Trash Bin icon to delete a client account.
  4. Add button: Allows you to add campaigns/locations/apps/users to the client account.
  5. Search Field: If you have multiple client accounts, you can easily search for it using this field.
  6. You are now The Don! You have an excellent client management skills.

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