Creating Clients

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Clients section is where other users or sub users can access their own Location, Campaign, and Apps that are assigned to them. This is useful if any of your clients wishes to manage their own location, device, or campaign settings.

A Legacy subscription or Agency plan or higher is required to access the Client Manager section

  1. Login into your dashboard and go to Clients section
  2. Click the Add New Client button on the upper right.
  1. Enter the Company Name, Website URL (should be on https:// or http:// format, not www only), and Facebook page of the company (optional) then click Proceed.
  2. Enter the location details of the company. Then click Proceed.
  3. Enter the name of the contact person of the company, their email address, and phone number. Then click Create to finish creating the client's entry.
  4. Click the + sign button then select from the dropdown list the Locations that you wish to assign for this specific client.
  5. The same steps with Campaigns, click the + sign then select which campaigns to assign for this specific client.
  6. You can also assign Apps to the client, just hit the + button and add the necessary apps you want the client to have access to.
  7. Assign a user who will manage the locations, campaigns, and apps for this client. To add a new User, follow the instructions on this page.
  8. One client to rule them all! (or two or more)

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