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Exiting Sub-Users functionality has been replaced with a more powerful Clients Manager. Read below for a log of all changes!
IMPORTANT FOR EXISTING ADMINS: All previous Location SubUser access has been ported over to 1 Client named `System Created Client` with each SubUser receiving specific access to Locations on that System Created Client that matched their previous Location access [respecting the READONLY toggle they had which is mapped to either READ or WRITE access]

New Updates

  • Clients is a new section and the SubUsers section has been removed
  • As part of this update - the "Quick Report" has been renamed to "Location Center"
  • SubUsers will NOT have access to anything outside the Location Center
  • SubUsers will have access to ALL the Resources [Locations, Campaigns, Apps] that are assigned to a Client - IF they have access to at least 1 Location that belongs to that Client
  • SubUser access is managed on a Location basis. In the "SubUser Manage Access" view, there will be a full list of all Locations assigned to that Client, and they can adjust what permissions are given for EACH individual Location
  • Resources [Locations, Campaigns, Apps] can ONLY be assigned to 1 Client [they cannot be shared amongst clients] if they need the same APP to be used for different clients, then they should add it as a separate app and assign it
  • Using the Client section is NOT required if the User does not have any SubUsers to manage, however it is encouraged as we will start scoping the Location Center Campaigns / Apps, and any other resources [such as Reports in the future] to Clients
  • Admin users should go in and modify / create / assign new Clients with Resources [Locations, Campaigns, Apps] as necessary
  • SubUsers with the appropriate [WRITE | ADMIN] rights, will be able to Create Automations directly attached to the Location, as part of this process they will be able to Create Apps and use them in these Automations [these new Apps created in LocationCenter that's assigned to a specific client, will be assigned to that Client automatically]
  • SubUsers can have access to multiple clients simply by assignment to at least 1 Location on each Client
  • New SubUsers can be created by clicking the PLUS[+] sign in the Client -> Users section and then clicking on the <Create New> button
  • Client Info such as Website, Billing, Contact info is not required and is there for their own internal tracking purposes
  • SubUsers passwords cannot be retrieved, since they are hashed - they can only change them to a new password
  • SubUsers cannot be deleted at the moment, they can remove access by changing their password and/or by removing their access to all clients

If you have any questions or feedback about the new Clients Manager please let us know!

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