MyWiFi API Documentation

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You must obtain approval to use the API.  Contact support for access.

Click here to view the API documentation 


  1. Login into the MyWiFi Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Branding section
  3. Note your MyWiFi Dashboard subdomain located in the Personalize your application's URLfield
  4. Note your identifier key, located in the App Secret Key field
  5. All requests must be made with your subdomain included in the Endpoint URL
  6. All requests must include the App Secret Key as the identifier parameter.

API Endpoints


Endpoint URL Syntaxhttps://<subdomain><endpoint>


  • All Requests are made securely over HTTPS
  • All Requests are x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Each Required Parameter must be included in the Request Payload
  • All Responses are in JSON format
  • Responses for each method are listed under the method
  • Appropriate HTTP Status Codes will always be returned on Success or Error

Click here to view the API documentation 

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