Why is my Device Not Displaying the SSID From My Campaign? (Flashed Device)

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A device not displaying the campaign SSID is the most common type of device connection issue.

  1. My device is not displaying the campaign> SSID in my network list. How can I fix this?

    Ensure your MyWiFi device is from our pre-approved list of supported devices as we only support devices that are proven compatible with the platform. (List Of Supported Devices)

  2. My device is on the supported list. What's my next step?

    Check that the firmware used to flash the unit appropriately matches the model/version number of the device as some have different/specific versions.  To locate the version number, please see the label of your device.

  3. I have checked my device and it is flashed with the proper Firmware and connected to an internet source. What could the problem be?

    Verify that you've properly added the device to the platform, including that you chose the correct model and version. Re-add the device if required.  (Adding A Device)

  4. I have added my device properly, it is flashed with the correct Firmware and connected to internet. Why is my device still not showing the proper SSID?

    It could be that the SSID you assigned in the Campaign is greater than 32 characters. If your SSID is more than 32 characters, edit the SSID length. (How To Edit The SSID).

  5. I have checked the above. Why is my device still not connecting?

    Check that the MyWiFi Device is properly connected to the LAN. (Connecting Your Device)

  6. Why am I still not seeing the correct SSID?

    Is your device is displaying a MyWiFi default SSID? The default SSID for all devices once flashed is MyWiFi_MAC.

  7. Yes I see the default MyWiFi_SSID. What does that mean?

    If the device is displaying a MyWiFi_SSID then the Firmware is properly installed, please reboot the device providing internet, while leaving your social hotspot powered on and connected. (Power Cycle)

  8. I rebooted, why is the SSID still displaying the default?

    Verify that your ISP modem/router is set to DHCP, if the device has a static IP it will not connect.

    If the device is showing as Never Connected / Offline after verifying DHCP, please ensure there is no Firewall between the ISP device and the Internet that could be blocking the connection. Ports 1812 and 1813 need to be open to traffic. You can turn off the Firewall in the ISP router to test.

If contacting support about this issue, please also provide, if possible, a picture of the underside of your device, a screenshot of the MyWiFi Default SSID as well as a picture of the device connection setup to help us resolve your issue in a timely manner.
If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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