How to Set Session Time Limits

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Session Time is the length of time a connected user is allowed access to the Free Wi-Fi before being redirected back to the login page.
  1. Click on the Locations tab to access the location where you want to set the session limit. 
  2. In the Locations section, look for the name of the location where you wish to set the session time. You may also use the search function if you have several pages of locations. 
  3. Once the desired location is found, click on the Settings icon. 
  4. In the Settings page of the location, click the Session sub-tab. 
  5. When you're in the Session sub-tab, toggle the Session Time Limit if it's not active. Then choose the session time limit, either in minutes, hours, or days.
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Session limits are based on when a user connects. If the user logs on at 2 pm and the session time is one hour they will be logged off at 3 pm and unable to log in again until 2 pm the next day.
You can set Session Time Limit for each campaign based on the business's requirements. 

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