Extreme Networks Cloud Integration

This guide will assist you in preparing your Extreme Networks Access Points for Social Guest Access capabilities. It will also assist you through the process of associating your Extreme Networks access points with the MyWiFi system, for the purposes of managing the Social Captive Portal experience.

Extreme Networks - Access Point(s) Identification

  1. Login Into the Extreme Networks Cloud with your credentials
  2. Navigate to your Dashboard
  3. Locate and save the "Device Mac" for all the access points you wish to Setup for this Location

MyWiFi Setup

  1. Login Into the MyWiFi Control Panel with your credentials.
  2. In the MyWiFi Control Panel, create/select an appropriate Social WiFi Campaign with the Social Media Logins and customized look of your choice.
  3. Create/Use an Existing Location for your Installation & Assign your created Campaign as the Default Campaign for this Location.
  4. Once you have completed those actions you can add the Extreme Networks Device in the MyWiFi System.
  5. Select Devices.
  6. Click Add New Device to bring up the Add New Device view.

Add your new Device

  1. Select the deployment Location for your Device
  2. Enter Name of your choice for this Device
  3. Select Extreme Networks from the Supporters Routers list
  4. Enter the Mac Address(es) of your device(s) that you collected from the Extreme Networks Cloud above
  5. Click Proceed once you have entered the appropriate information correctly
  6. Click Complete Setup to create and provision the device in the MyWiFi System

Extreme Networks - Configure RADIUS Authentication:

  •  Name: Enter name for the Authentication method (ex. MyWiFi RADIUS Auth)
  •  Type: select AAA Policy Edit
  • Auth Method: select PAP
  • Backup RADIUS: check "Enable Backup RADIUS support"

Configure a Primary RADIUS Server with the following parameters:

  • IP Address:
  • Secret: mywifi
  • Port: 1812

Configure a Secondary RADIUS Server with the following parameters:

  • IP Address:
  • Secret: mywifi
  • Port: 1812

Configure RADIUS Accounting:

  • Name: Enter name for Accounting method (ex. MyWiFi RADIUS Accounting)
  • Type: select AAA Policy Edit
  • Backup RADIUS: check "Enable Backup RADIUS support"

Create a new Captive Portal Profile

  • Name: MyWiFi
  • Captive Portal Server Mode: [Dependant on your deployment]
  • Captive Portal Server Host: securewifilogin.com
  • Connection Mode: HTTP or HTTPS
  • Simultaneous Access: [As Many Clients as you deem necessary to serve]
  • AAA Policy: [Name of Policy you previously created]
  • Access Type: Radius Authentication

Redirect URLs

  • Web Page Source: Captive_Portal_Webpage_External
  • Enter Domain securewifilogin.com OR your Custom Domain - Social Portal
If you have a Custom Social Portal Enabled in the MyWiFi System. It is necessary to add your Social Portal Domain as the Captive Portal Server Host.

User Session

  •  Session Timeout: leave unchecked
  •  Grace Period: leave unchecked

Authentication/Accounting Servers

  • Authentication Server: select the Server entered as MyWiFi RADIUS Auth
  • Enable MAC authentication bypass: unchecked
  • Accounting Server: select the Server entered as MyWiFi RADIUS Accounting 
  • Send Interim-Update: enter every 5 minutes
  • Wireless Client Isolation: unchecked

Walled Garden / Domain Whitelist Settings

The Walled Garden / Domain Whitelist settings, which are located in the hotspot settings, need to be entered to facilitate the social login process. 

All the domains must be entered individually and in the following format:


Here is the complete list of domains that need to be whitelisted

Add Into Your Allowed Hosts/Domains Prior to Authentication List

*.<White Label Portal Domain>

Wireless LAN Settings

  • WLAN: Guest
  • SSID: (enter your desired SSID)
  • WLAN Status: Enabled
  • VLAN: 1 (or your alternate selection)
  • Bridging-Mode: local
  • Encryption-Type: none
  • Broadcast SSID: checked
  • WLAN Captive Portal - Enforcement: Captive Portal Enable
  • WLAN Captive Portal - Captive Portal Policy: (select previously created Captive Portal Policy)

 🙌 Congratulations!  Your Extreme Networks deployment is ready for Guests! 🎉

Access Point Changes: If you make changes to your Access Points, please keep the list of Access Point Mac Addresses in the Edit Device section of your Extreme Networks Devices, up to date as appropriate.

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