Facebook Login App

These step-by-step instructions will enable you to create your own Facebook App to process Guest Social Wi-Fi Logins and integrate it into your platform.

  1. Log into Facebook, then open a new tab and go to https://developer.facebook.com. Click Get Started/MyApps (if this is your first login it will say Getting Started)

  2. Click Add New App in the drop down.

    1. Name your App
    2. Click Create
    3. Complete Security Checks
    4. Click Submit

  3. Click Setup under Facebook Login

  4. Select WWW for the Platform

  5. In Site URL enter your Custom Social Portal Domain

    Your Custom Social Portal Domain "https://yourcustomsocialportaldomain.com " can be found on your Branding page.

    If you do not have a Custom Social Portal you can use https://securewifilogin.com

    Click Save

  6. Go to Settings under Facebook Login in the left menu. 

  7. Enter your Custom Social Portal Domain in Valid OAuth Redirect URIs

  8. Choose Settings -> Basic in the upper left menu

  9. Under Domain, once again add your Custom Social Portal Domain - https://yourcustomsocialportaldomain.com or https://securewifilogin.com (if you do not have a custom domain)

  10. Add your Privacy Policy URL from your website or any other place it may be hosted 

  11. Select an app category from the drop down menu

  12. Select your business use

  13. Set your App to Live on the top of the dashboard 

  14. Reveal your App Secret

  15. Copy your App ID and App Secret

  16. In your dashboard choose Apps from the left side menu 

  17. Click the Blue Add New App in the upper right of the screen

  18. Select Social Apps, Choose Facebook and name your App (usually the business name)

  19. Paste your App Key and Secret in the appropriate boxes 

  20. Click Proceed

Congratulations! You have created a Facebook App!

Your App will now appear in the Login drop-down menu in your Campaigns and can be used in the appropriate Campaign

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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