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Can I purchase pre-configured Social Powered Hotspots directly from MyWiFi?

Yes! You can purchase pre-configured Social Powered Hotspots directly from our online store. We pre-configure and test these devices so it’s simple plug-and-play. Check them out at https://shop.mywif…

Updated 2 years ago

What is the shipping cost and how long will it take to get my unit?

Typical shipping time for your initial order is about 2- 7 business days (US and Canadian destinations, International shipments usually take 10-15 business days). You can see shipping costs and deliv…

Updated 2 years ago

How does the MyWiFi Platform work?

Short Explanation. Connect - Customer connects to a business’ Free Wi-Fi connection using their favorite social media account, email or phone number. Engage - After logging in, customer is encouraged…

Updated 2 years ago

Do I have to be technical to use MyWiFi?

The MyWiFi Platform was built to make Social Wi-Fi marketing easy! Adding a device to our platform and building your first campaign takes only a few minutes. No technical experience is needed to laun…

Updated 2 years ago

What Cloud Controllers does MyWiFi integrate with?

MyWiFi integrates with Cisco Meraki Cloud, Open Mesh Cloudtrax, Cradlepoint NetCloud, Aruba Central, Bluesocket vWLAN, Radius (AAA) and more - no additional firmware or hardware required. Click here…

Updated 2 years ago

What is the typical signal range of a Social Powered Hotspot?

Depending on the conditions of where your Social Powered Hotspot is setup, distances can vary between 50-150 feet. Keep in mind that objects such as metal doors, cinder block walls, concrete walls an…

Updated 2 years ago

Will I receive a tracking number for the package?

Yes, once your order is confirmed and shipped you will be sent an email with a tracking number. Please check your spam folder for the email that contains your order's tracking number if the email mes…

Updated 2 years ago

How to Change Your Subscription Plan

Sometimes you need to make changes for your business that will allow you to grow or maybe put things on hold as you may be working on other projects. This is why we allow you to upgrade or downgrade…

Updated 8 months ago

Which social network login options do you support?

We currently support the following social media platforms for login purposes: Facebook. Facebook Messenger. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Vkontakte.

Updated 2 years ago

How do I allow my client to preview their campaign?

The Social Powered Wi-Fi platform allows you to send a preview URL to your clients. The preview is generated at the click of a button. This preview URL allows your clients to walk-through the full So…

Updated 1 year ago

Can my clients login and manage their own campaigns?

The Scale plan can permit your clients to login to your branded dashboard to manage their own campaigns. You can create sub-users within your dashboard and assign specific modules/campaigns/locations…

Updated 1 year ago

What languages do you support?

Social Powered Wi-Fi campaigns can be created in the following languages: English. Spanish. French. German. Russian. Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Arabic. Dutch. Norwegian. Korean. Japanese.…

Updated 2 years ago

Will my customers know I am using MyWiFi?

No! The MyWiFi platform is 100% white label and you can fully brand and customize your Social Wi-Fi Marketing platform with your own logo and custom domain. You must have your own registered domain i…

Updated 2 years ago

How much bandwidth does my Internet Speed need to be?

It’s important to have the correct amount of devices and understand the amount of bandwidth necessary to run your clients new Social Powered WiFi. Otherwise, connection speeds and user experience may…

Updated 2 years ago

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to customers around the world, however kindly note that import duties and/or taxes may be charged at the point of destination and are the responsibility of the receiver. We correctly declare…

Updated 2 years ago

Can I limit the amount of bandwidth and time users can consume?

Yes! Each location you set up can be adjusted for maximum upload and download bandwidth limit per Guest, as well as a daily cap on bandwidth. Timed internet access limits can be implemented as well f…

Updated 2 years ago

I already have a Wi-Fi router, why do I need a new device?

It is never recommended to share your private Wi-Fi network with public guests. By adding a separate physical Wi-Fi device dedicated for public usage, not only does it make your network more secure,…

Updated 2 years ago

How does advertising work with Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing?

You can easily add banner, video or custom HTML code advertisements and sell advertising space on your landing pages to relevant sponsors using our built-in ad server. Easily track impressions, click…

Updated 2 years ago

What is the user limit of a Social Powered Hotspot?

The SH100 Social Powered Hotspot can support up to 32 SIMULTANEOUS USERS on your Social Wi-Fi Network.

Updated 2 years ago

Do I have to be in the client’s location to manage their Social Powered WiFi Hotspot?

No! Social Wi-Fi Marketing platform allows you to manage your devices from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Updated 2 years ago

What is the minimum recommended Internet speed to use a Social Powered Hotspot?

We recommend a minimum speed of 5MB download and 5MB upload for your internet connection which is much less than your average high speed internet connection speed. Faster Internet connections will re…

Updated 2 years ago

What hardware can I use with MyWiFi?

You can purchase pre-flashed and tested wireless routers in our store so all you have to do is plug it in and you’re good to go. You can also use any of our approved Cloud Controller integrations, in…

Updated 2 years ago

Can I see how many customers have connected to Social Wi-Fi campaigns?

Yes! MyWiFi includes in-depth real-time analytics in your dashboard. You will be able to see who connected, including their social information if they logged in using one of your social apps. The ana…

Updated 2 years ago

Can I use my own social connection apps?

Absolutely yes! You can create your own custom apps for each social network. This allows you to collect accurate personal and demographic information that can be used later for marketing purposes.

Updated 2 years ago

Do you provide marketing materials with your Social Wi-Fi Marketing program?

Yes! You will receive instant access to our marketing materials and training when you get started with our Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing program. Materials include flyer, proposal, PowerPoint presen…

Updated 2 years ago

Which autoresponders do you currently integrate with?

We currently integrate with different autoresponders like: GetResponse. MailChimp. iContact. Active Campaign. Infusionsoft. Ontraport and others . We also integrate with Zapier which allows you to se…

Updated 2 years ago

What can I charge my clients for Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing services?

When you get started with Social Wi-Fi Marketing program, you get instant access to our training and strategy sessions which cover how to sell, price, and position your Social Powered WiFi Marketing…

Updated 2 years ago

What type of campaigns can I create?

You can create a wide variety of campaign types such as: Facebook or Twitter Campaigns - boost social engagement and awareness. Real Time Engagement & Social Sharing - Leverage existing coupon and lo…

Updated 2 years ago