How does the MyWiFi Platform work?

Short Explanation

Connect  - Customer connects to a business’ Free Wi-Fi connection using their favorite social media account, email or phone number.

Engage -  After logging in, customer is encouraged to share on Social Media, ‘Like’ the business’ Facebook Page, leave a review or enter a contest.

Automate - Automatically send custom notifications and view real-time data such as age, gender, location and interests to understand your customers.

Longer Explanation

  1. Using a MyWiFi approved device (compatible with all major Wi-Fi hardware), any business can offer their customers a reliable free Wi-Fi service in exchange for valuable marketing analytics and data.  (Plug-and-play hardware. Easy to use web-managed campaigns.)
  2. When new visitors connect to a MyWiFi hotspot, they are instantly prompted to log in via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram to access Free Wi-Fi. 
  3. Once the user logs in, user data is automatically captured and added to the business’ social user database allowing for targeted advertising and real-time engagement features to grow email marketing lists and offer sponsorship opportunities.  
  4. The MyWiFi SaaS Marketing Platform can also automatically deliver engaging promotions that help increase brand awareness and loyalty with business visitors.

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