GDPR Compliance

Who Does The GDPR Apply To?

MyWiFi Networks The GDPR applies to any company that handles the personal data of residents in the European Economic Area (EEA). Because MyWiFi works with Channel Partners who serve customers in the…

Updated 2 years ago

The GDPR Obligations for EU Channel Partners

All Channel Partners must adhere to the following GDPR Requirements if serving customers based in the European Union (EU): Ensure you have implemented custom terms that feature "friendly language" (c…

Updated 2 years ago

The GDPR Platform Compliance Process

The following is a process overview of how the MyWiFi platform enforces GDPR compliance for Channel Partners: All EU Locations have GDPR Toggle ON and ReadOnly [cannot be User disabled]. Campaigns ha…

Updated 2 years ago

The GDPR Overview

On May 25th, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. The GDPR is the European Union's new data privacy law which impacts how all companies (big and small) collect and handle p…

Updated 2 years ago