GetFiveStars Integration Setup

Create a GetFiveStars Integration and Automation process within the MyWiFi Dashboard in order to automatically trigger a feedback request email for connected Wi-Fi guests through GetFiveStars. 

More information regarding GetFiveStars can be found here:

What you need:
  • Ensure you are logged in to the MyWiFi Dashboard
  • Ensure that you have at least one pre-existing MyWiFi Location created (with associated devices and campaigns) within the MyWiFi Dashboard
  • Ensure that you have a fully qualified GetFiveStars account and business that has been setup for feedback requests
  1. Locating the GetFiveStars Business ID 
    • You must find and retrieve the GiveFiveStars Business ID
    • The GetFiveStars Business ID can be found as part of the Leave Feedback URL
    • Example:
    • The number immediately following the f- (in this case "48018") is the GetFiveStars Business ID
      The Leave FeedBack URL can be found on the GetFiveStars Business Details page:
  2. Retrieving the GetFiveStars Client Id & API (Private) Key
  3. Creating the GetFiveStars Integration in the MyWiFi Dashboard. Once logged into the MyWiFi Dashboard, click on the 'Integrations' tab on the left side menu. 

    1. On the Integrations page, click the Add New Integration button in the upper right

    2. Click on the 'Choose Services' dropdown and enter "GetFiveStars" below to bring up the service, which is located in the Loyalty section. 
    3. Click on "GetFiveStars" once identified. 
    4. Choose a Nickname for your new integration (ex: My GetFiveStars Integration - Location XXXXX). 
    5. Enter the Client Id that you have retrieved from the GetFiveStars Dashboard
    6. Enter the API (Private) Key that you have retrieved from the GetFiveStars Dashboard
    7. Enter the Business ID that you have retrieved from the GetFiveStars Dashboard 
    8. Once done, click on the blue 'Save' button to finalize and successfully complete this integration
  4. Creating a GetFiveStars Automation process on the MyWiFi Dashboard
    1.  Click on the 'Automation' tab on the left side menu 
    2. Click on the red 'Add New Automation' button. You can now define the new automation process 
    3. Automation Name - Enter any name relevant to your setup (in this case: GetFiveStars Automation Property XXXX)

      Trigger - Leave as 'Connect' (if you want this automation to occur each and every time a guest connects to the hotspot via Social WiFi)

      Delay - Leave as 'Real Time' (or enter an appropriate delay)

      Location - Select a specific Location that has been previously setup on the MyWiFi Dashboard. This Location must be associated to perform Guest WiFi services related to the GetFiveStars Business you wish to generate feedback requests for. (You can select multiple locations). 
      [Note: All campaigns that are live at this location will be part of this Automation]

      Action - Select the GetFiveStars Logo

    4. Choose your GetFiveStars Integration (which was created in Step 2). Click  Save 

  5. Congratulations! 
    By following the steps in this guide you would have been able to 
    1) Create a mapping between a GetFiveStars Business and a MyWiFi Location, 
    2) Integrate GetFiveStars into the MyWiFi Dashboard and 
    3) Enable an Automation process from the MyWiFi Dashboard to trigger a GetFiveStars Feedback Request on Guest WiFi connections.
The Automation for GetFiveStars campaigns will ONLY trigger if the Login method the Guest used collected a verified email address and full name (first & last) for the Social Profile. Login methods such as "Free Wi-Fi" and "Facebook Messenger" does not collect a email addresses.
If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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