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The following guide will assist you in creating an Instagram Login for use in your Campaigns

  1. Visit and login with your Instagram Username and Password
  2. Scroll down the page , Click Register Your Application

  3. At the top of the next page click Register a New Client

  4. Enter a name in Application Name

  5. Enter an app Description. This is Guest facing.

  6. Enter your client's Business Name

  7. Enter your client's Website URL

  8. Enter your Callback in Valid Redirect URIs

    The full redirect will be:

    Replace ""  with your Custom Social Portal URL found in your Branding page. If you do not have a Custom Social Portal you  will replace it with "".
  9. Enter a valid Privacy Policy URL. This is can be the Privacy Policy located on your website.

  10. Enter your  Contact Email. If there are any issues regarding your app this is the email Instagram will contact.

  11. Check the reCAPTCHA, follow the security check instructions and click Register 

  12. Click Manage in your app

  13. In Manage Client Details tab you will see the Client ID and Client Secret. Copy these values

  14. In your MyWiFi Control Panel choose Apps from the menu

  15. On the Integrations page click the red Add New App button in the upper right of your screen

  16. Choose Social Apps and then choose Instagram from the list.

  17. Paste the Client ID and Client Secret into their respective fields and click  Save

You have created an Instagram App to use in your campaigns.

You will need to submit your app to Instagram for approval before you can use it in a production Campaign

Start a Submission

Now that you have registered the App, it will be in Sandbox Mode. You need to submit your app to Instagram for approval before it can be used by the public. Begin the process by clicking Manage

In the Manage Client Details page, go to Permissions

Permissions tab you will need to click Start a Submission to begin the process

The submission process will consist of 2 questions about how your app is used and will request a Screencast. We recommend creating the Screencast in your browser using the Landing Page Preview Link in your Campaign. You must log in using your Instagram credentials unless you have designated other sandbox users.
If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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