Choosing Your Login Options

Choosing Your Login Options

After branding or designing the appearance of your campaign or login page, it's time to choose which login options your end users will use to login into the network. 

What You Need:  Social apps or apps that are already integrated into your Integrations section

Available Login Options


Enable the Facebook login by clicking it and this allows users to use their Facebook accounts to login into the network. If you have created your own Facebook social login app, choose it from the drop-down list. 


Email Option

Email login allows you to collect and build your email list for future marketing purposes. Click to enable this option and choose from the drop-down list which information you wish to collect. Make sure that you also have added your own autoresponder integration or have created an automation for emails


Much like Facebook, you can also create a login option using Instagram. Make sure that you have integrated Instagram in the Integrations section and choose the app from the list. 


Another login option that works like FB or Instagram login is the Twitter app. Create your Twitter login app and add it in your Integrations section then choose your Twitter login app from the list. 


The popular social media for professionals is also available as a login option. Add your LinkedIn login app to the dashboard and choose it from the dropdown list when you enable the LinkedIn login option. 

Facebook Messenger Login

Enabling the FB Messenger Login option allows ends users to directly message your Facebook page if they choose to log in through this method. Connect your Facebook Messenger login app into the dashboard and select your FB Messenger login app from the list when you enable this login option. 


This popular messaging app in Europe and Russian territories can be a login option as well. Make sure you have created an integration for VKontakte and choose your app from the list once you enable this login option. 

SMS Login

End users can also log in through SMS. They will receive a PIN through the phone number that they used and this login option allows you to build an SMS list for your SMS marketing efforts. A Twilio account is needed to enable this option and choose your Twilio app from the list once you enable this login option.

Free WiFi

If you feel generous or providing a Free WiFi is one of your sponsorship deals, just enable this option by clicking it and edit the button label to your preference. Users will bypass information capture.  Learn more about this option here.

Passcode Login

Passcode login works like the traditional way of logging into a secured network. Click this option to enable it and enter a numerical code (max of 8 digits or numbers only).  Learn more about the Passcode Login.



Monetizing your WiFi is one of the ways to leverage a WiFi service. Before you choose this, make sure you have added Stripe or in the Integrations section. 

Once you enable this option, you will be asked to choose your payment gateway app, select the information you wish to collect.  

Create a payment plan where Guests need to pay for access after a free social session. Then click the Save button.

    Rearranging and Saving: Once you have enabled your login options, you may rearrange the buttons by clicking and dragging the three bars on each login option. Click the upper Save button to commit the settings of your campaign. 

    Pat yourself on the back! You have created the available login options for your campaign! 

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