Why Are Guests Unable to Access the Splash Page on Open Mesh?

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I'm using Open Mesh and Guests are not receiving the Splash Page when they try to connect. How can I fix this?

The following guide will assist in troubleshooting instances where guests do not receive the Splash Page on Open Mesh devices.

Due to the nature of the system, some domains are white-listed and can be browsed prior to authentication, such as those used for login.

If you're experiencing issues with not receiving a landing page popup or the Splash Page is blank, please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Please ensure that your campaign is assigned to the location. (Adding A Location) (Assigning a Campaign to a Location)

  2. My Campaign is assigned to a Location and my Device I am still not receiving the Splash Page. What can I do next?

    Try forgetting the Network on your device, wait for the SSID to populate in your network list and then try connecting again.

  3. I tried forgetting the network and reconnecting. Why am I not receiving the Splash Page?

    Let's verify that your device is not already connected and in session. If your still in session you will connect automatically and not receive the Splash Page.  While still connected to the network, please type http://logout in browser to de-authenticate. (Logging Off A Connected User)

    If the system has connected a Guest and they are still within the session limit you have set in your Location, Quick Reports or Cloud Controller, they will not  receive the Landing page and be connected automatically.
  4. I have attempted the above steps and I am still not receiving the Splash Page. What now?

    If you still do not receive the Captive Portal or a Blank page, ensure that you do not have the Active Campaign also scheduled. You can check this by going to Location -> Campaigns. 

    Check Your Cloudtrax Configuration
  5. I have forgotten the network, checked the guest session and my location to make sure  I do not have the Active Campaign scheduled. What else could be the issue?

    Now that you have checked all of the above, it is time to look at your Cloudtrax Configuration.

    The most common configuration issue that will cause the Splash Page  to not be displayed when a guest attempts to login is a missing or incorrect NasID.

    Check the NasID by looking at your device information in the MyWiFi Control Panel and compare it to what is in Cloudtrax.

    - Devices -> Edit Device

    -  SSID1  -> Splash page authentication

    Please ensure all of your other configuration settings in the Cloudtrax SSID are correct, including using your Custom Social Portal for the Splash Page URL. (Open Mesh Cloudtrax Integration)

    The above steps should resolve Guests being able to access the Splash Page when connecting to your Network.

    If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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