Whitelisting and Blacklisting Devices

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Whitelisting and Blacklisting specific devices is easy!

You might want to whitelist a device to provide VIP Wi-Fi service to internal staff or managers so they won't have to log in using social media.

More importantly, if someone is abusing your network, downloading too much content or you simply want them off your Wi-Fi, you can block a device from even connecting to the internet by blacklisting them in 1 click.

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Go to Locations section through the left side menu. 

  3. Search for the location where you want to set bandwidth and session times. 
  4. Click the Settings button of the location.

  5. Once in the location setting, go to the Session tab. 
  6. Scroll down to the Whitelist/Blacklist section.

  7. To Whitelist a device, just enter the MAC address of the device and then click Add.
    Whitelisted devices will skip the captive portal and will immediately see the Thank You page of the campaign once they connect to the network. 
  8. Conversely, enter the MAC address of a device that you wish to blacklist and click Add.
    Blacklisted devices will be denied access to the internet once they connect to the network. 
  9. Finally, if you wish to remove a device from either the blacklist or whitelist, just click the symbol beside the MAC address. 

  10. Get Schwifty!

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