Dynamic Merge Tags for E-Mail / SMS - Automations

By adding dynamic merge tag parameters in the body of the E-Mail or SMS Automations; Guests can have personalized messaging presented in the E-Mails or SMS they receive based on their specific Guest profile data.

This is useful when you want to fully customize E-Mail / SMS - Automations to be more personalized or time relevant.

Simply insert your Merge Tags in E-Mail - Automations

You can access the Merge Tags by clicking the "Merge tags" button on the on the text customization toolbar while in Text Edit mode

Click on the name of the "Merge tag" that you want to use and it will automatically insert the appropriate tag into the body of the E-Mail

Simply insert your Merge Tags in SMS - Automations

Merge tags for SMS Automations have to be inserted manually in the body of the Message.

The available parameters for both E-Mail & SMS implementations are:

  • {{full_name}}
  • {{first_name}}
  • {{last_name}}
  • {{social_network}}
  • {{email}}
  • {{social_network_id}}
  • {{phone_number}}
  • {{birthdate}}
  • {{birthdate_dayofweek}}
  • {{datenotime}}
  • {{gender}}
  • {{datenotime}}
  • {{datetime}}
  • {{locale}}
  • {{picture_url}}
  • {{visits}}
  • {{last_visit_date}}

Dynamic Replacement:

When the E-Mail /SMS Automation is processed, it will automatically replace the tag with the appropriate information from the Guest login profile.

You may also use the same merge tag as many times as you deem necessary.

Please note that if the information necessary for the specific parameter is not available from the Guest Profile (ex. Gender is not collected from a Custom Login, but is used as a Merge tag). It will be replaced with an empty string.

Please also note that the following parameters are specified at the time that the Automation is actually processed:

  • {{datenotime}}
  • {{datetime}}

 🎩You can now fully personalize the Automations you send using E-Mail or SMS.

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