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Automate EVERYTHING with your Social Wi-Fi Platform.  Watch this video to learn more:

How To Setup An Automation

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi Automation Tool on the left menu
  2. Click on Add New Automation
  3. Provide details of your automation and select your trigger details:
    1. Name your automation and choose which campaign and location to implement this automation
    2. Trigger - action from the user that implements the automation 
      1. Connect - When users connects to the campaign, the automation will be triggered.
      2. Disconnect - the automation will be triggered when users log off from the network or disconnects from the campaign. 
      3. Inactive - set this if you wish to automatically follow up users who are inactive from your campaigns.
      4. Birthday - automation is implemented on users' birthdates
    3. Delay - the time delay before the automation is implemented after being triggered. 
      1. Real time - automation will be implemented immediately
      2. Delay - the amount of time before an automation is carried out. You can set it if its minutes, hours, or days. 
    4. Send - the frequency of times your automation is implemented. 
      1. Always - automation is always carried out
      2. Once - the automation is only implemented once per user
      3. By Visits - automation is only implemented according to the number of visits the end user has done. 
  4. Choose your desired Automation with the Apps you have connected with MyWiFi. 
    This can be:
    • Email
    • SMS
    • Active Campaign
    • Get Response
    • iContact
    • MailChimp
    • Webhook
    • SendReach
    • Infusionsoft
    • Ontraport
    • PunchCards (MobiPunch)
    • Zapier
    • ReputationLoop
    • Square
    • TripAdvisor
    • GetFiveStars
    You must add an App prior to selecting it as an Automation.
  5. Once you select your app for your Automation, follow the required details for each app. The example below is for a Gmail automation.  
  6. If you want to test your automation, go to your Automation section and click the Test button.
    1. For email automations, enter a valid email where you want to send the automated email message:
    1. For SMS automations, select your country code and enter the phone number where you want to receive the test SMS (make sure you have a Twilio app set up).
    1. For other automations, please make sure that you have the appropriate apps integrated on your Apps section.
  7. That's it!  
From now on every time a user fulfills a certain action to your Wi-Fi network as defined in the automation steps above, the automation will run using your rules.
You can also broadcast to a group of contact by creating a smart list and doing a broadcast action.
If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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