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Open Mesh CloudTrax API Integration

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This guide will assist you in creating and retrieving a set of CloudTrax API Credentials (API Key & API Secret).

Step 1: Obtaining Your CloudTrax API & Secret Keys

  1. Login into CloudTrax.

  2. Access My Settings

    Click on your Username in the top right of the CloudTrax interface and then click on the My Settings menu item.

  3. Create API Credentials.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the API Credentials heading.

    Click on the Add New button to create a new API Key & API Secret.

  4. Retrieve your API Key & API Secret.

    Your API Key & API Secret is now available on the list. Please Copy and Paste them into a separate document.

    For security reasons, the API Key will not be available for retrieval again after you leave this page to be sure to copy and save it.

  5. Once you've created your API keys, it's time to add a new Open Mesh Device in your Dashboard.

Step 2: Adding A New Open Mesh Network via the CloudTrax API

  1. Under the Devices section, click on Add New Device.
  2. After naming your device, select Open Mesh.

  3. Then click on the CloudTrax option.
  4. Then, simply paste your CloudTrax API Key and Secret Key into the appropriate fields. 
  5. After successfully connecting with your CloudTrax account, you should see a dropdown list of all your Networks.  

    Select the Network and SSID that you'd like to connect with and click Proceed.
  6. The final step is to review your new Open Mesh setup.  If it looks good, click Save.

    That's it!  You've successfully added your Open Mesh CloudTrax device to the platform! 🙌

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