​Compatible OpenWRT Devices

[BETA] New OpenWRT Firmware Has Arrived! Be sure your device model and version number exactly match the firmware you are selecting. You can now add a series of new OpenWRT-compatible devices to the M…

Kevin Zicherman
Updated 1 month ago by Kevin Zicherman

Firmware Installation for GLI GL-AR150 Devices

The GLI GL-AR150 can be purchased here from Amazon and you can install the firmware yourself in just a few minutes. How to Install the MyWiFi Firmware on the GLI GL-AR150: Add the GL-AR150 device to…

Updated 5 days ago

Firmware Installation For Nexx WT-3020F (Mini Device)

The Nexx WT-3020F can be purchased from our store pre-flashed at but we also allow our customers to purchase this specific device externally and install the firmware themselves. Please…

Updated 5 days ago

How to Install MyWiFi OpenWRT Firmware on Teltonika RUT900

Add your device into your dashboard and save the firmware file on your local hard drive before proceeding. Installing the MyWiFi OpenWRT firmware for Teltonika RUT900 has two parts: The setting of a…

Charles Rosel
Updated 5 days ago by Charles Rosel

How to Install Linksys WRT160NL Firmware

Unpack your new router.. Unpack your new device and connect the antennas. Plug-in Ethernet cables and plug your device to a power source. Connect an Ethernet cable to your existing modem or network i…

Charles Rosel
Updated 5 days ago by Charles Rosel