Firmware Installation For Nexx WT-3020F (Mini Device)

The Nexx WT-3020F can be purchased from our store pre-flashed at but we also allow our customers to purchase this specific device externally and install the firmware themselves.

Please follow these instructions carefully when flashing your NEXX device. These are the same instructions our team members use to flash the devices at

Watch the video below for a walk-through of the firmware installation for NEXX-WT3020.


Step 1. Download Firmware File for Social Powered Mini Demo Device (NEXX WT-3020F) from the Devices section in the MyWiFi platform.

Step 2. Unpack your new NEXX WT-3020F.

Step 3. Plug in Power Source.

  • Plug power cord into unit and wait until blue light on front of unit is solid
  • Once booted, initial SSID should be be NEXX_A1XXXX

IMPORTANT: Take note of the last four digits of the SSID. This is necessary for distinguishing your newly flashed NEXX device from other flashed devices with default MyWiFi_SSID's. 

Step 4. Connect an Ethernet Cable from your computer to the LAN port of the NEXX WT-3020F.

Step 5. Connect to your NEXX WT-3020F Interface

  • In web browserm type
  • You will be prompted to enter a USERNAME / PASSWORD

Enter the following details:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Step 6. This is the interface for the NEXX device. Please select 'Advanced'

Step 7. Select 'System Tools'

Step 8. Select 'Upgrade Firmware'

Step 9. Select the downloaded firmware file from your computer and click 'Upgrade'

Step 10. When the installation is complete, your browser page will refresh. Please allow 3-5 minutes for the installation of firmware to be successful.

Step 11. Once the MyWiFi_SSID appears in the list of Open Networks, installation of firmware should be assumed completed.

Step 12. Test Unit Connection. Plug Ethernet cable from Modem to NEXX Device WAN Port.

Step 13. Connect to MyWiFi_YOURSSID123

Click Here For Connection and Mobile Tethering Instructions

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