Do you supply me with a router?

If you subscribed to one of our Legacy plans, yes! As part of your MyWiFi package you will receive a bonus router, you may want to use this bonus for demonstration and testing purposes or even sellin…

Updated 2 years ago

When clients/customers are retargeted on their Smartphone, does it transfer to their home computer?

Yes! In most cases it does. If you’re being pixeled on Facebook, or Google, retargeting can occur across all devices.

Updated 2 years ago

Will I need technical assistance to set this up?

No! MyWiFi's pre-configured routers are plug and play. Once you have created the necessary elements in your MyWiFi dashboard all you need to do is plug your MyWiFi router into an internet source.

Updated 2 years ago

I have a Cruise Terminal interested in Wi-Fi services, what do you recommend for a revenue share?

Updated 2 years ago

Where do I find the analytics for each location?

Updated 2 years ago

Why can I no longer access my router's Admin console?

MyWiFi is a custom firmware installed on your router that replaces the stock firmware you are normally able to access by IP address. The router is then controlled by the MyWiFi cloud platform. If you…

Updated 2 years ago

Do I need to have Social Media accounts to use MyWiFi?

Yes. To create social logins for MyWiFi you will need to have Social Media accounts with the social networks you choose to create logins for in the MyWiFi platform. We recommend having Social Media a…

Updated 2 years ago

Do I need an internet connection to use MyWiFi?

Yes! MyWiFi requires an active internet connection to operate. We recommend a minimum of 5MB up and 5MB down to ensure a good experience for your users.

Updated 2 years ago

Can you have more than one campaign per location?

Yes! You can schedule campaigns by date, time and frequency. Check out the Scheduling Campaign video in the Practical Training Section of the MyWiFi Members Area to learn more.

Updated 10 months ago

Which retargeting service do you recommend?

Updated 2 years ago

Do you need to setup a Facebook App for each client?

We recommend setting up a Facebook App for each client or campaign. This will allow you to better track connected users and segment the acquired data per client.

Updated 2 years ago

Where can I find Guest data from logins?

Guest data is located in the location under the Contacts tab. You can download up to the past 90 days of data in csv and PDF format.

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