How To Setup Gateway Installations

Installing a Hardware Gateway allows you to offer a captive portal on top of legacy Wireless Networks that do not natively have captive portal functionality. 

Before proceeding with purchasing & installing a hardware gateway please consult with MyWiFi Support to ascertain if your existing network is compatible.
  1. Select your Gateway
    • Identify the number of concurrent wireless guests you must perform captive portal functionality for
    • Identify the existing wireless network topology, access point manufacturers, and any virtual or hardware access point controllers
    • Identify the location and area that the Guest Wireless Network must provide wireless service for
    • Identify the additional hardware (switches and POE injectors) that must be installed to separate the Guest Wireless Network from any Private [Internal] Wireless Network
    • Identify access to the internet and any network changes that must be made to create a separate guest network
    • Contact MyWiFi Support with this information
  2. Isolate your Guest Wireless Network (Access Points)
    • Locate and itemize your Guest Network - Wireless Access Points 
    • Integrate & aggregate all Guest Network - Access Points on the same switch, that can be connected to 1 LAN port
    • Make sure that the Access Points support DCHP and are set up for Client IP assignment.  [NOT set up on an isolated VLAN]
  3. Identify Access to Internet (WAN)
    • Identify the route & connection through which the Gateway will have internet access (plugged into a Switch with internet access or directly into the firewall or modem that provides internet access)
    • Make sure the appropriate ports are open on ALL uplink Firewall(s) (all Output ports should be open, Mandatory: 80, 443, 4343, 1812, 1813) 
  4. MyWiFi Dashboard Pre-Requisite
    • Ensure you are logged in to the MyWiFi Dashboard
    • Ensure that you have at least one pre-existing MyWiFi Location created
    • Ensure the Gateway is set up as MyWiFi Device in the MyWiFi Dashboard
    • Ensure the Gateway is updated to latest firmware revision in the MyWiFi Device Details view
    • Ensure that the gateway MyWiFi Device is associated with the Location for this installation
    • Ensure that there is a MyWiFi Campaign (Login Page) created and Associated to the MyWiFi Location for this installation
  5. Physical Gateway Installation
    • Plug-in the power adaptor into the Hardware Gateway
    • Power the Gateway ON and wait until appropriate green LEDs are ON
    • Connect an ethernet cable between the Gateway - WAN port and the Switch/Firewall LAN port that you identified earlier to provide internet access
    • Connect an ethernet cable between the Gateway - LAN port and the switch you have isolated the internal Guest Network Wireless Access Points on
  6. Re-Associate / Re-Adopt Access Points to Controller
    • Login into the Controller or Management Interface for the Access Points
    • Reboot/Restart the Guest Network - Access Points 
    • Re-Associate / Re-Adopt the Guest Network - Access Points, to the Controller you are using to manage them
    • Once the Access Points are Re-Adopted, the Guest Network should be functional and provide Captive Portal functionality to all wireless devices connecting to them
  7. Step 7: Test the Wireless 
  • With a Guest Device, connect to the wireless network and make sure that you are receiving the appropriate Captive Portal (Campaign - Login Page) after you have successfully associated to the wireless network
  • Perform the Login process and make sure you have successfully been connected to the Internet without restriction

Congratulations! By following the steps in this guide you would have been able to 

1. Identified the hardware gateway product necessary for your installation, 

2. Isolated the guest wireless network you wish to create 

3. installed the gateway at your location within your bigger network topology 

4. have created a guest wireless network

If you have any questions regarding any steps of this process please MyWiFi contact support.

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