Technological Privacy Measures

Monitoring and Logging

Controllers—and where applicable, their representative—must maintain records of the personal data processing activities for which they are responsible.

MyWiFi maintains system and application logs relating to events and access to certain systems used for the processing of personal data.

Security Controls

MyWiFi encrypts data sent to and from Channel Partners and Guest Wi-Fi Users using the HTTPS protocol. 

MyWiFi also encrypts any sensitive stored information, such as but not limited to: passwords, credentials, keys to external services using AES-256-CBC.

MyWiFi also hashes any personally identifiable data that requires pseudonymization using  CRC32

Channel Partners can also set up additional security features. An account holder can take the following actions from their MyWiFi Admin:

  • Set role-based permissions for staff accounts to limit data availability
  • Define, to a certain extent, what personal data is collected from Guest Wi-Fi Users
  • View certain activity logs, including recent user activity and automation history
Security standards and certifications

MyWiFi uses third-party data centers with industry-standard certifications, including:

  • ISO 27001

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