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Using the Sales CRM Preview Tool you can create a unique and trackable link of your Wi-Fi Campaign experience directly to clients and prospects.

Best of all, if your prospects login to the Preview using their email or Facebook account, you'll instantly see their personal information inside your Sales CRM so you can follow up and close the deal.

Here's how it works:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Sales CRM -> Previews
  2. Click on Create New Preview

  3. Set a Name, then select between Preview Types
    1. Existing Campaign will display a campaign that you've already created
    2. Facebook Page will automatically generate a new campaign based on your a public Facebook Page
    3. You can also add Notes to remind yourself about specific requests or prospect details 
    4. Once you're done, click Save
  4. You can then manage your Preview and send to prospects

    1. Preview: Opens the preview URL  in a new browser window
    2. Leads: Shows all leads that have completed the Preview login flow
    3. Copy URL: Copies your unique tracked Preview URL to your clipboard
    4. Duplicate: Makes a copy of the Preview
    5. Convert Preview to Campaign: Moves the preview to the Campaign editor 
    6. Edit this Preview: Allows you to make changes or add notes
    7. Delete: Permanently deletes the preview
  5. Once a prospect completes your Preview Login flow, they will be added to your Lead List

And when your prospect is interested, you can easily Convert Preview to Campaign in 1 click!

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