SendGrid Integration

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Here's how to add your SendGrid Account to trigger Guest Automation Emails from your own SendGrid Account.

  1. Login into your SendGrid Account Dashboard

     SendGrid App Dashboard Login
  2. Click on the Api Keys link under Settings

    More info regarding SendGrid API Keys
  3. Click on the Create API Key button to begin creating a new API Key
  4. Enter an API Key Name for your API Key & select Restricted Access for API Key Permissions
  5. Grant Full Access to the following areas: Mail Send, Mail Settings, Tracking
  6. Click on Create & View button to complete the creation of the API Key
  7. Double click the API Key  to copy it, then paste it in a safe place on your local computer. You will be using this API Key to grant the MyWiFi Platform access to your SendGrid account.
  8. Switch back to your MyWiFi Dashboard
  9. Click the Apps Tab
  10. Click Add New App

  11. Select Email Services and then choose SendGrid from the list.
  12. Set a Name for your Integration and paste your SendGrid API Key then click Proceed

  13. To create an automation using your SendGrid App, go to Automations then follow the steps below
    1. Under Automations, click Add New Automation
    2. Name your automation, choose which Location and Campaign to implement this automation. Then click Proceed
    3. Choose the Trigger for this automation and the Delay. 
    4. Choose the Frequency, or how many times this automation is implemented on a per user basis. 
    5. Choose Email from the list of available apps then Choose SendGrid. Then choose the app you added earlier from the App List. Enter your Name, Email Address and Email Subject then click Proceed.
    6. On the next screen, format your email message. If you have an existing email template, choose it from the list. Once you are done formatting your email message, click Proceed to finish the automation creation using SendGrid. 
  14. If you want to test your SendGrid automation, you may do so by following Step 7 on our Marketing Automation Overview
  15. Voila!  🎩You've added a SendGrid Integration and can now send automated emails from your own mail accounts.
If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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