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Create a Square Integration and Automation process within the MyWiFi platform in order to automatically add customer data for connected Wi-Fi guests to your Square CRM. 

  1. Creating an App on Square
    1. Once logged into the Square dashboard, visit the following URL -> https://connect.squareup.com/apps
    2. Click on the '+New Application button' to begin the process of creating an App on Square 
    3. Enter an appropriate Application Name and finalize the App's creation by clicking on the blue 'Create Application' button 
    4. You will now be brought into Square's Application dashboard, where you will need to click into your newly created app: "MyWiFi Integration App"(to access its control panel). Once done, you will be brought into the App's Credential page where you will need to copy down the unique Application ID and Personal Access Token (these details will be used back in the MyWiFi platform when creating the integration) 
  2. Creating the Square Integration on the MyWiFi platform
    1. Once logged into the MyWiFi platform, click on the Apps tab on the left side menu 
    2. On the Integrations page, click the Add New App button
    3. Choose Loyalty then select Square

    4. Choose a name for your new integration (in this case: My Square Integration - 1). At this point you will need to enter the Application ID and Personal Access Token that were copied earlier (see Step 1). Once done, click on the blue Proceed button to finalize and successfully complete this integration 
  3. Creating a Square Automation process on the MyWiFi platform
    1.  Click on the 'Automation' tab on the left side menu 
    2. Click on the red 'Add New Automation' button. You can now define the new automation process. Choose which Location and Campaign to run the Automation then set the following: 
    3. Trigger- Leave as 'Connect' (As we want this automation to occur each and every time a guest connects to the hotspot via Social WiFi)
    4. Delay- Leave as 'Real Time'
    5. Send - Choose how many times the automation is triggered
    6. Choose your Square App (which was created in Step 2)
    7. Click the Proceed button once done to create your Square automation
  4. By following the steps in this guide you would have been able to 
    1. Create an App on Square, 
    2. Integrate Square into the MyWiFi platform and 
    3. Enable an automation process from the MyWiFi platform into your Square CRM. 
    At any time you are able to login to your Square CRM and look at the Customers Tab to verify that the Integration and Automation is working as expected. 
    If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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