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Platform Demo (Watch This First)

Find out how MyWiFi can improve your sales performance with cutting-edge Social Wi-Fi tools that will help you get more leads, sales, and ROI from your clients. Watch the MyWiFi platform demo overvie…

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Locations Step-by-Step Guide

The Locations section puts together the devices you added in the Devices section and the campaigns you designed and created in the Campaign section. It also provides you with a quick overview of the…

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Devices Step-by-Step Guide

The Devices section allows you to add, edit, and remove devices from your dashboard. Each section in this article has links which lead you to a more detailed step by step instructions. Devices You Ca…

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Campaigns Step-by-Step Guide

Creating Your Campaign. The steps below can serve as your own checklist and each step links to a more detailed step for each tab in the Campaign interface. Choose the Campaigns tab on your Control Pa…

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Connecting Your SH100 Hotspot

Connecting your pre-configured hotspot is easy!. Just follow these steps:. Connect with ethernet cable the Blue WAN port in the back of the MyWiFi Hotspot to the Internet (Modem, Switch, Router). Plu…

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