How do I find out my Device MAC address?


The sticker can be found at the bottom part of your router. You can find the Mac Address listed on the sticker. Other important information such as the Serial Number and the Model number is listed on it.

Mac Addresses only contain number from 0-9 and letters A-F.

Deafult SSID

  1. Power on your Flashed or Pre-configured device, no internet connection needed.

  2. Use your smartphone or other device to look for available networks.

    The device will broadcast default network name for your device, as seen above, this will contain the MAC address of the device.

Using the arp -a command

  1. If using a Laptop, you can either plug an Ethernet cable from the computer to a yellow LAN port in the router or connect to the router wirelessly.
  2. Open up the start menu, and type in cmd in the Search programs and files box, and press Enter on your keyboard. This will open up a black command prompt box.
  3. Type in arp -a in the command prompt, and then press the Enter key. This will display your Mac Address as shown below:

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