What are session limits?

Charles Rosel Updated by Charles Rosel

The system remembers users by device MAC address and browser session. It works on flashed devices as follows:

In Session: To reconnect the user will not receive a splash screen but will be automatically connected as they have signed in and are within their session timeout.

New Session: For a new session the user will be taken to the login page and if they are in the same browser and use the same login method all they need to do is click the login button and they will be passed through the campaign flow without needing to supply their credentials.

Please keep in mind that if a user is connecting with a different device or a browser it will be as if logging in for the first time.

Session limits are for a 24 hour period by default. If set to one hour, once the user has been logged in for an hour they will then be logged out and have to wait 24 hours to connect again.

If you are using a cloud integration, please set session limits on the controller.

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