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Create your own Twitter app and have it connected with your Platform:

  1. Visit and login with your Twitter Username and Password
  2. On the App Management page, click on the Create New App button.
  3. Name your App. For simplicity, you may just want to name the App for your client's business.
  4. Enter a description for your app. This will be visible to Guests.
  5. Enter your client's website.This will be visible to Guests.
  6. Check Allow this application to be used to sign in with Twitter. This will enable users to login using their Twitter accounts.
  1. Enter a Callback URL for your app. Use the Callback URL details listed below the following

    Standard Platform Setup:


    Custom Social Portal:

    "" is the Domain entered in the  Branding >> Custom Domain - Social Portal field
  2. Enter the required URLs for Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Organization Name (business name), and Organization Website URL (this can be the website of the business).

  1. Provide a detailed use case scenario in the Tell us how this app will be used. Provide a recorded demonstration of the social wifi login if possible for your app to be approved.

  1. Click the Create button to submit your app for approval.
  2. Once your app is approved, click the Details button to get your API key details.
  1. Under the App Details button, click the Edit > Edit Details button then add an app icon/logo for this Twitter login app (it would be best to upload your client's business logo).

  1. Next, go to the Keys and Access Tokens tab and copy your API key and API Secret Keys.

  1. In your Platform Control Panel, go to Apps

  2. On the Integrations screen, click the Add New App button.
  1. Choose Twitter under Social Apps
  2. Name your Twitter app and paste the API Key and API Secret then click the Proceed button to finish adding your Twitter login app into your dashboard.


    You have connected a Twitter app on your Platform.
    Wifi users can now connect to your router using their Twitter accounts.

    If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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