VKontakte Login App

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VKontakte is one of the popular social media sites. Providing VKontakte login is a great way to entice WiFi users on using your social wifi powered networks!

  1. Login into your VKontakte account and proceed to the Developers link in the left menu or go to https://vk.com/dev
  2. Under VK Developers site, go to My Apps.

  3. Click the Create Application button on the upper right side.

  4. Name your VK app, then put the details in these fields: 

    Platform - select Website
    Website Address - 
    input your social portal URL or Guest Portal URL (click here to setup your social portal URL)
    Base domain - this will be your main domain name or root domain

    Click Connect Site after filling the required fields.
  5. Enter your app description and icon and other details in the Information tab. 

  6. Go to Settings in the left side menu.

  7. Copy your Application ID and your Secure Key. Also set the Application Status to  Application on and visible to all.

    Click Save after filling the required VK app setting details. 
  8. Go to your MyWiFi Dashboard and go to Apps in the left side menu.

  9. Click the Add New App in the upper right side. 

  10. Select Social Apps then select VKontakte

  11. Name your app then enter your Application ID in the API ID field and Secure Key in the API Secret field. Click Proceed to finish adding your VK app. 

  12. KIROV REPORTING!!! You can now add Vkontakte as one of your login options in your social wifi network!

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