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Enabling the DNS Content Filter

How to enable the DNS Content Filter on the MyWiFi SH100.

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SH100 Firmware Upgrade

Every now and then, we release new firmware versions for our SH100 and upgrading your SH100's firmware allows your device to be compatible with the new features that we release. Aside from being able…

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Updated 2 years ago by Kevin Zicherman

How To Install SH100 On Location

Now that you closed a brand new deal to supply a social wifi network to a business, it's time to install the sleek SH100 in the business' premises. Below are the quick steps that you should follow wh…

Updated 2 years ago

Presence Analytics for MyWiFi Networks Devices

Presence Analytics allows you to estimate foot traffic that is passing within the range of your router. Foot traffic can be converted to additional sales if partnered with the right marketing effort.…

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SH100 Recovery Firmware Upgrade

The following is a method of how to manually upgrade your firmware on SH100 devices only if your devices is "bricked" or not performing normal upgrades. Before starting this process ensure that you'v…

Updated 1 month ago

Guest Hotspot Manual Firmware Upgrade

The following is a method of manually upgrading your SH50 or SH100 Guest Hotspot device firmware. This process should only be used if you see the " Manual Upgrade Available " message in your dashboar…

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SH50 Guest Hotspot User Guide

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