SH100 Recovery Firmware Upgrade

The following is a method of how to manually upgrade your firmware on SH100 devices only if your devices is "bricked" or not performing normal upgrades.

Before starting this process ensure that you've downloaded the latest firmware .bin file (click to download) for your SH100 device on a computer.

Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Plug in the cable from the SH100 device LAN to your computer
  2. On your computer, set Static IP to and Subnet to (read here on how to set your computer to a static IP address)
  3. On your SH100 device, press and hold down the reset button 
  4. While still holding the reset button, plug in power to your SH100 device 
  5. Allow the device to boot up (10 seconds) then let go of the reset button
  6. Open your browser and visit
  7. Load the SH100 firmware.bin into the browser update tool and click UPDATE
  8. Wait until the process finishes (2 minutes)

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