Xirrus ASOS Integration

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How to connect Xirrus ASOS 

  1. Click on "+NEW PROFILE" to create a new profile
  2. Select SSIDs.
  3. Select “New SSID". 

Enter a name for your SSID and leave the rest of the settings at default.

  1. On the SSIDs tab select the drop down under “Access Control” for the SSID you just created and select “Captive Portaland uncheck “Host on Xirrus Access Point” then click "Next".
If you have a Custom Social Portal Enabled in the MyWiFi System, it is necessary to add your Social Portal domain to the Walled Garden Whitelist, a placeholder for which is: *.<White Label Portal Domain> and located in the list below. 
  1. Enter redirect URL:  https://securewifilogin.com and "mywifi" for the URL secret:
  2. Authentication Server Settings:
    Authentication Type: PAP
    Primary Server: radius1.wificloud.io
    Secondary Server: radius2.wificloud.io
    Secret: mywifi
  3. Click on the “Show Advanced” and enter https://securewifilogin.com/index.php?controller=landingpage&action=thank-you-page in the “Landing Page
  4. Enable Whitelist and add these domains.  
  5. Click "Save and Finish" when you have completed.
    (Add Into Your Allowed Hosts/Domains Prior to Authentication List)

    *.<White Label Portal Domain>
  6. Click on Show Advanced located towards the top right of the profile window.
    This will extend a couple of extra tabs to allow more advanced configurations.
  7. Select the Optimization button.
  8. Select the Snippet slider and click “yes” and then Agree to the Terms:
AOS Devices Only:  Add This Step

Within the Snippet enter this code in “AOS Commands” and make sure to replace “myWiFi-Xirrus-XD2” with the SSID you created in step 2 and replace "xxxxxxxxxxxx" with the NasID from the device created on the MyWiFi dashboard.  Then,  click “Save All” on the profile.  



edit "myWiFi-Xirrus-XD2"

authentication-server external-radius accounting enable




nas-identifier xxxxxxxxxxxx

*This Snippet code enables accounting on both the primary and secondary and defaults to port 1813 and uses the same secret that was set for radius.

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